How about a dog for a chauffeur?

Three dogs, rescued from the streets of Auckland by the SPCA, have made world headlines after being taught to drive in a bid to show abandoned dogs are intelligent.

The clever canines - 18-month-old giant schnauzer Monty, 1-year-old whippet-cross Ginny, and 10-month-old beardie-cross Porter - have gained strong interest from families who want to adopt them, as well as international attention through the videos of their driving efforts.

SPCA chief executive Christine Kalin said no formal adoptions had been made. She said they were considering all offers to make sure each dog was matched with the most suitable family.


Families can meet the dogs and their trainer Mark Vette next week at the "Adopt your own smart dog" event. Kalin said it's a chance to meet other animals available for adoption, including horses and cats.

Where: SPCA Village, 50 Westney Rd, Mangere
When: December 15 from 10am to 2.30pm