A decision on plans for a 15-level brothel and hotel in Auckland's CBD will be out next month.

An Auckland Council spokesman said the report from commissioners was expected 15 working days after the hearing finished.

The Chow brothers of Wellington applied to build New Zealand's first sex hotel and the hearing finished last Tuesday.

Allan Matson, heritage building campaigner, told the hearing the scale of the plans was inappropriate.


"My submission relates to the effects visually of that building on the heritage amenity provided by what I would consider to be the context. I think that it's dominant and I'd say it overpowers the two and three-storey heritage buildings. Is that an effect that's more than minor? I would say that it is," Matson told the independent commissioners.

He called for a smaller structure, saying that would be more appropriate. He also presented images of hotels - including Melbourne's Lindrum - which he said were "very smart" but in low-rise buildings set in high-rise contexts.

Matson also showed an image of the former Aurora or Palace and diggers on the empty site. The building had stood in a lower-rise group and that should be respected and remembered in considering the application to build, he said.