A witness has described how there was a screech of tyres and a "thud" as a car hit and killed a 7-year-old boy running across a road just outside a Wellington school today.

The driver stopped immediately, got out of the car and "freaked out" as people rushed to help the little boy, who was screaming, on Champion St in Porirua. Emergency services arrived soon after but despite frantic efforts the 7-year-old could not be revived.

A man, who was driving further back on the road, described the horrific incident in an online post tonight. He said he heard a thud, screeching tyres and then saw the boy's body on the road.

He said his own mates were screaming "look out" as they approached the scene.


A man in his 40s was assisting police with their investigation into the boy's death tonight. He had about three other people in the vehicle with him.

Police said it appeared the boy had run out onto the road in front of the car.

It is understood the 7-year-old's family had been informed but his name had not yet been released.

After the boy was hit teachers from nearby Cannons Creek School, which had just released its pupils for the weekend, ran out on to the road to help him.

The boy was a pupil at the school and staff there refused to comment as it was "too soon".

Elizabeth Tuiala, who across the road from the fatal scene, had just walked outside when the boy was hit. She said there were a lot of children in the area at the time.

She said the car appeared to be going "fast".

Senior Sergeant Derek Chapman of Porirua police said the incident was a "tragedy" and a reminder for all motorists about children not being able to judge speeds and distances of cars the way adults did.

"It's just another reminder to drivers to look out for kids around schools and slow down," he said.

Police would visit the school on Monday to speak to staff and pupils.