A nationwide hunt for a Sir Edmund Hillary look-alike is soon to get underway, following the announcement that a 3D feature film will be made on the mountaineer's ascent of Mount Everest.

The film, named Beyond the Edge, is set for completion in time for next year's sixtieth anniversary of the climb.

Director and writer of the film Leanne Pooley of Auckland says they hope to cast the actor to play Sir Edmund within New Zealand and it is her goal to remind New Zealanders what it is that makes us who we are.

"The journey is both personal and also the sort of epic expedition. A lot of people here know that Ed and Tenzing got to the top, but not that many people know the details and what went into it, and I'm hoping to take them on a bit of a journey."


Beyond the Edge has had the blessing of the Hillary family.

Leanne Pooley's work has included the Topp Twins movie Untouchable Girls.