A Rotorua man who is alleged to have played sexual "games" with a young girl encouraged her to copy what she saw in adult movies they watched together, a court has heard.

The trial for the man, who has name suppression, started in Rotorua District Court this week before Judge James Weir. The man is accused of 14 counts of sex charges. He has pleaded not guilty.

He is accused of seven counts of sexual violation by unlawful connection, one of inducing a girl under 12 to do an indecent act, two of doing an indecent act on a girl under 12, one of doing an indecent act on a young person, one of indecent assault on a girl under 12 and two of indecent assault on a young person.

The charges relate to incidents alleged to have happened between January 2005 and July 2011, when the girl was aged between 6 and 12. The man denies the allegations and says he had been wrongly accused.


Crown solicitor Fletcher Pilditch told the jury of four men and eight women the accused played what the man referred to as "games" with the girl, including one called doctors, which involved the young girl touching him indecently. Another game was a movie game where she was encouraged to pretend she was acting in a movie while he took pictures of her.

"Sometimes he would put the adult channel on Sky TV ... and get her to act out what was being depicted."

The last incident happened last year when he began touching her indecently.

Mr Pilditch said the girl did not remember exact dates when the offending was alleged to have happened but believed it was from the age of 6. The accused told the girl not to tell anyone about the "games", the court heard. However, Mr Pilditch said she eventually told her parents last year.

"When she was 6 she didn't understand this was bad. She thought it was a game and happily played along."

The man's lawyer, Martin Hine, said his client strongly denied the allegations. The trial continues.