A man who ploughed into a top New Zealand multisport athlete with his motorbike has been convicted of careless driving causing injury.

Darren Holloway, 51, a drainer from Pyes Pa, was found guilty after a defended hearing in Tauranga District Court today.

The court was told Dwarne Farley, eight-time Kaimai Classic winner, was running along a Te Puna road on a late May evening when Holloway approached him on the bike.

Holloway was on the wrong side of the road as he attempted to cut through an S-bend and hit Farley, who was wearing a reflective jacket and shoes.


Holloway left to phone an ambulance, returned to Farley who was lying on the side of the road with passersby helping, and left again.

It was four days before police found him.

Holloway said he had hit a large pool of water on the road and hydroplaned into Farley.

He was disqualified from driving for six months and fined more than $1500 - $1000 of which would be paid to Farley in emotional harm reparation.