Making headlines around New Zealand before midday today are a mystery infection, fun on wheels, female farmers, phone wars with bureaucrats and brand new machines.

A mystery infection killed a school teacher within days of falling ill while on holiday and Chlamydia is on the rise in Tauranga.

Fathers who had gone through the 90s as teenagers and done the "skateboard and rollerblades thing" are now introducing their little ones to fun on wheels.

This is what happens when you get a bunch of female farmers together.


A lady in Dallington Is not happy that she's getting a wastewater pump as her new neighbour and state housing tenants in the same suburb are waging a phone war with bureaucrats.

Meanwhile, a beach-grooming machine has had its first outing and a different new piece of equipment which will make rescues much quicker in the Rotorua area.

Jack forgot all about his arthritis and saved the day when he jumped a metre-high fence to alert people of a fire at the house next door.

A former breakfast radio host is fed up with the amount of vandalism and tagging in Rotorua and he is going to do something about it.

But mothers can do unusual things too, like the two Tauranga mums who are hitching rides to Queenstown in superhero suits.

To hear music that's like some crazy little machine that gets stuck in a rhythmic groove and then trips over itself and zooms off in a completely different direction, go to Napier.

Who would have thought that the wildlife in Oamaru Creek could provide inspiration for interactive games?

A Wairarapa College band will be beaming into homes around the country next month.

People who are keen to know where the booze bus is tonight won't have any luck finding it on Facebook.

There's shock and horror over the state of a brand new loo.

Freedom campers have been given a bit more freedom on where they park up at night in the Bay of Plenty.

At last, the people and businesses affected by the ship that crashed on the reef nearly a year ago will be able to claim some compensation.

Life is tough for this guy as he will miss the birth of his child. Maybe he should have thought of those family commitments before breaking the law.

Turning round to stop her sons arguing after picking them up from school proved a big mistake for this mum.

Meanwhile, a cleaner at a Tauranga church got in big trouble for stealing money and forging the vicar's signature.

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