A teenager's house party ended with attacks on police, 19 arrests and allegations of animal abuse after news of the event was promoted on Facebook.

Richard Collis, a pastor's son, charged schoolmates $10 to attend his birthday barbecue at his Levin home last Friday while his mum and dad were out of town for the weekend.

He has since issued a public apology after an estimated 300 revellers turned up to the tidy home on a lifestyle block outside town.

Senior Sergeant William Roy of Levin police said those arrested face charges including assault, disorderly behaviour, fighting in a public place and possession of cannabis.


Mr Roy said police heard about the party in the afternoon. They contacted Collis and then his parents, who rang back to say they had checked with their son and everything was all right.

After receiving complaints from neighbours, police moved in to close the party down about 10.30pm.

When they turned up, teenagers were fighting in the street. Bottles and abuse were thrown at them and two officers were attacked. One needed minor medical treatment.

A neighbour said loud music started coming from the house about 2pm. At one point some partygoers went to State Highway 57 with paint and rollers and daubed letters over fences and street signs, she said.

Allegations on online messageboards claim a goat, cat and a dog were given alcohol at the party. Horowhenua SPCA said they had not received a complaint but urged people with concerns to come forward.

A teenage girl urged Collis to throw another party that would be "worth our money". A friend replied: "Yeah, but how? His parents are back now."