Scattered rain in the morning will bec' />

After last night's pyrotechnics, Auckland could have more spectacular electrical storms in the coming days.

Scattered rain in the morning will become more persistent as the day goes on and there was a chance of more big rumbles later in the afternoon as rain pushes in from the west, said MetService forecaster John Law.

'It's going to be an interesting Sunday as there is an area of low pressure moving across the Tasman and that has associated fronts wrapping around it as well."

Herald on Sunday weatherman Phil Duncan from WeatherWatch said the Friday night thunderstorm was the loudest he had heard in a decade.

"It was also the strangest thunder I have heard. At times it was so loud, it sounded like a rocket backfiring."


Some Aucklanders took to the WeatherWatch Facebook page after the storm triggered torrential downpours.

Geoff Blackmore posted: "Attention white water rafters: My driveway is now available ..."

Edward Wild saw the Sky Tower being hit by lightning. "I saw a double strike, a V-shape, it was amazing," he said. " The entire sky was lit up multiple times and there were 15-second thunderclaps."