A man accused of being the driver in a bag snatch from a 91-year-old in Masterton has pleaded guilty to theft.

Pouwhare Renata Naera appeared in Masterton District Court on Thursday in an attempt to get a sentencing indication from Judge Michael Behrens.

He faced one charge of theft from a person resulting from the incident on February 9, when a handbag was snatched from the woman outside Masterton District Council.

Naera's lawyer Peter Stevens told the court Naera's co-accused, Maia Rongonui, had been earlier sentenced to nine months' jail for his role in the theft.


He was released after three months, he said.

Mr Stevens said Naera did not know he was involved in a theft and thought he was just giving Rongonui a ride.

Naera told Judge Behrens that when he drove off, he had no understanding that a theft had occurred.

"When I found out, I pulled over straight away," he said.

"I'm not guilty of theft but I am guilty of driving him away."

Judge Behrens declined to give a sentencing indication and stood Naera down to consult with Mr Stevens about his plea.

When he was recalled, Naera confirmed his guilty plea and was remanded until September 24 for sentence.

Judge Behrens called for a pre-sentence report, which would consider the possibility of a sentence of home or community detention.