Auckland's $6.5 million winning Lotto prize remains unclaimed - but a Blenheim couple were up all night after winning $500,000.

The couple were lying in bed listening to the radio on Saturday night when they realised they had scooped a half a million First Division prize.

"We have been playing the same numbers for 15 years so we immediately recognised that our numbers had come up,'' said the winning husband.

"My wife jumped out of bed and went onto the computer to check the results - and sure enough, we had won. We just went 'yee-ha', and then spent a sleepless night thinking about our win and talking about what we could do with the money.''


The couple, who kept the winning ticket in sight all night, plan to pay off their mortgage and help family and charities.

Their ticket was sold at Redwood Lotto in Blenheim. The $6.5m winning Powerball ticket was sold at The Fix St James on Queen St in central Auckland.