Two months after her son was shot dead while hunting, Cyndy McDonald is still waiting for answers.

But she believes "something big" will come from the investigation into her son's death.

Self-employed Auckland builder Cameron McDonald, 29, was shot in the head while hunting in the south Wairarapa bush on April 7.

Police investigating his death have been speaking to a Wellington man from a separate hunting party, and have taken him back into the bush where the shooting occurred, but no charges have been laid.


Senior Sergeant Warwick Burr, of Masterton, said police were still investigating, but there would be no further announcement before the detective in charge returned from leave in early July.

McDonald said she was happy with the speed of the police investigation.

"I think they are doing a very thorough job. I think something big is coming out of this. There could be a law change. I think they are really doing their homework."

Police had not told her why the investigation was taking as long as it was.

McDonald said the family did not want revenge, but hoped the man who shot her son would "hang up his gun for life" and help them educate others about gun safety.

The family also still planned to campaign on hunting safety in Cameron's name and had been contacted by many people keen to help, "which is great".