A month ago he won $26 million in Lotto's biggest prize draw for years. But instant multi-millionaire Trevor says winning Lotto wasn't the most exciting thing to ever happen to him - speedway racing is better.

The man dubbed New Zealand's most eligible bachelor has told the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, in an exclusive family interview on sale tomorrow, that despite earning more than $20,000 a week in interest, life hasn't changed dramatically for him.

He and his mother and father, who now live together near Auckland, all still want to work and Trevor, a former truck-driver and plasterer, is missing his job as an assistant manager at the Countdown supermarket in Huntly. He has bought some new toys, and has big plans for his future money, but Trevor says wealth doesn't make him happier.

"The money doesn't buy happiness and it doesn't buy love either - it helps but it doesn't buy it," Trevor says in the interview.


"I still go home. I still go to bed and I still get up in the morning and I'm still on my own."

Trevor has been swamped by female interest since he won the Lotto money and went public with his win, but he tells the Weekly that while he has one special friend, he lives alone.

The magazine has photographs of the family at home and details of the unusual circumstances in which he won the money.

Trevor says he was so broke, he had to wait at a petrol station for the Lotto money to be transferred to his account before he could drive to his parents' home to pick them up for the trip to Lotto headquarters.