Police are investigating the tow truck company alleged to have taken an impounded car for a high-speed joyride.

The owner of the car which was driven by an East City Tow staff member says the company should lose its contract with the police to impound cars on their behalf.

In the small hours of Sunday morning, the woman, who wanted to be known only as Nicky, had her $12,000 Nissan Silvia towed from Mt Wellington for alleged "boy-racer activities".

Her GPS information shows it was taken for a ride around the firm's Pakuranga Heights pound not long after it was towed - and at very high speeds. Police yesterday began an investigation into Nicky's complaint about East City Towing's activities which she laid on Tuesday.


"We've commenced our investigation and have removed that vehicle from the yard and taken it to our Southern Districts Towing yard and are continuing with our investigation," Detective Inspector Mark Gutry told the Herald.

Nicky said she was relieved her car had been removed from East City Towing as she didn't trust it being in their care where tow-truck drivers could "drive it whenever they liked".

Mr Gutry said police spoke to the owner of East City Towing yesterday and that they "will be following up on what he's told us. I can't go into what he's said, but we are investigating to establish what happened."

Police have also spoken to Nicky and the director of GPS tracking firm Snitch, Jeremy Mclean, because the GPS report was being used in their investigation.

Mr Gutry anticipated they would complete their investigation by the end of the week. Once finished, the police would assess whether it was appropriate to continue their contract with East City Towing that allows the firm to act on their behalf.

They have worked together for 12 years and in that time Mr Gutry said Nicky's complaint was the first they had received about the towingcompany.

Nicky believed the police needed to end their contract with East City Towing.

"When the police tow or impound something, you'd expect it to be done by responsible people.

"You think your stuff's going to be safe with someone who the police have ordered to do it."

A spokeswoman for the tow firm declined to comment further last night.


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