It proved to be a sparkly book signing for feminist writer Germaine Greer in Wellington's Embassy Theatre today.

The Queer Avengers, a group fighting for gay and transgender rights, glitter-bombed the outspoken feminist during the Readers and Writers Week event.

In a statement on their website, the Queer Avengers blasted Greer for allegedly denouncing transsexual individuals.

"Transphobic feminism is so 20th century," wrote 'Stacey' in the statement. "Women's liberation must mean the right to refuse imposed gender rules, to fight for diverse gender expression."


Glitter-bombing is where glitter is thrown on public figures who are thought to hold homophobic or transphobic views.

Arts Festival Spokeswoman, Rebecca Lancashire says Greer was unharmed and is now on her way back to the United Kingdom.

Australian-born Greer is known for her 1970s work The Female Eunuch and many other books. She was also arrested in 1972 in New Zealand for saying the word "bullshit."

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