An American-born doctor is facing 35 new charges of forging sick notes for patients.

Daniel Quistorff, 31, appeared in the Auckland District Court on charges this week of forging the Auckland District Health Board medical certificates for 10 patients between April and November last year.

He had previously been charged with selling a medical certificate to Abdullah Abdurlazaq Alfadhi, falsely certifying he was unfit for work. Quistorff allegedly forged another certificate for Alfadhi for a 10-day sick period in October. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Quistorff, from California, has been living in New Zealand for eight years and graduated from the University of Auckland.


Court documents appear to show he signed some of the certificates as David Montgomery. There is no doctor working in the Auckland district area by that name.

Auckland District Health Board spokesman Mark Fenwick confirmed Quistorff had been a locum at Auckland City Hospital from October 2010 until December last year.

He has been remanded on bail until April 5.