The National Party's coffers have been given a further boost, with a $53,000 donation from Wellington hotelier, arts enthusiast and Act supporter Chris Parkin.

It has also received further donations of $60,000 from Antoine's Restaurant in Parnell and $35,000 from Team McMillan - despite the controversy the BMW car dealership's donation caused last year.

The party has disclosed a $53,333 donation from Mr Parkin, an art collector and property developer who owns Wellington's Museum Hotel and is on the board of Te Papa. Mr Parkin said the donation was from a series of fundraisers he organised for National as well as about $10,000 of his own money. Mr Parkin has been a long-serving supporter of the Act Party and said the donation did not mean he had now turned his back on Act.

"I'm sure the Act Party has been well looked after as well."


Team McMillan donated $35,000 - a follow-up from the $50,000 donation it made in 2010. That donation prompted Labour to claim there was a perceived conflict of interest because of the pending renewal of the Crown BMW fleet.

Team McMillan managing director Bob McMillan said then that his company had nothing to do with the purchase of the fleet and although it would not mind on-selling the cars, he did not believe the donation would help.

It didn't - the Department of Internal Affairs selected Turners Prestige Auctions to sell the cars.

Under new rules, all donations of more than $30,000 must be disclosed within 10 days. Mr Parkin said he was not put off by the disclosures.

He said he was a proud donor - and it was not hard to guess his allegiances.

He believed more people should donate, if only to support the political process.

"Getting money out of people for political purposes is like getting blood out of stone sometimes. It always surprises me because there is enthusiasm about the political process."

Tony Astle - the owner of Antoines - donated $60,000 on October 26, saying it was to help ensure National stayed in power. Mr Key is understood to be a regular visitor to Antoines. Yesterday Mr Astle said he wanted to help ensure National remained in power after "nine years of crucifixion under Labour."


In 2010, he donated $105,000 to National - part of which was from a fundraiser he organised.

So far Labour has only received one major donation - $50,000 from the Todd Corporation which gave the same amount to National. All donations of more than $15,000 must be disclosed in the post-election returns, and parties must also disclose the amount they received in bands of donation size.