Auckland Mayor Len Brown has got behind a multimillion-dollar plan for a pedestrian and cycle path on the Harbour Bridge.

Yesterday, Mr Brown was joined by National MP Nikki Kaye and Hopper Developments chief executive Leigh Hopper at a function at Wynyard Quarter's Karanga Plaza as he unveiled plans for the project, which is expected to cost at least $23 million.

The proposed 4m-wide, 1000m-long pathway below the deck of the eastern bridge clip-on will take about a year to complete.

"I congratulate the Pathway Working Group for putting the designs together. Auckland Council has encouraged the development of the concept and we are working on progressing it in partnership with the developers," Mr Brown said.


"I support workable options for walking and cycling across our harbour. This project could become one of Auckland's iconic attractions and be of huge benefit to people on both sides of the bridge."

However, transport committee chairman Mike Lee insists there is no money for the project and did not consider yesterday's event "a launch".

A $2 toll has been proposed to pay for the pathway, which Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway spokesman Bevan Woodward said would help recover costs in an estimated 20 years.

He said a survey of 11,000 supporters found 85 per cent would support a toll.