All of the 10 Malaysian tourists who were caught smuggling methamphetamine in their shoes through Auckland Airport have now pleaded guilty to drug importation charges.

Three members of the group - who were arrested at Auckland Airport in April - had already pleaded guilty to importing a class A drug.

Fairfax media has reported that the remaining seven - Yuen Fatt Wong, 61, Teng-Kim Ooi, 52, , Tan Ah Nya. 51, , Sit Mooi En, 29, Lian Fong Wong, 53, Eng Wan Teoh, 22, and Ah Kooi Teoh, 21 - also pleaded guilty today and were reamnded in custody to reappear next month.

The first three to plead guilty - Eng Hin Ong, 39, Waihong Leong, 23 and Ewe How Ong, 40 - did not appear today.


The ten drug couriers were found with at least 8kg of methamphetamine hidden in their shoes as they entered the country through Auckland Airport in April.

Each was carrying between 800g and 1kg of the drug in the biggest bust at New Zealand's border.

The eight men and two women were in a tour group of 14.

Customs officers searching the bags of two of the group then referred them for a personal search, which uncovered the drug in their shoes.

Some of the eight others had left the Customs area, but they were found by Customs officers and airport police. P was also found in the shoes of all eight.

Customs said the bust involved the biggest number of drug couriers ever caught in a single incident at the New Zealand border.