Less than 40 percent of New Zealanders are looking forward to the Rugby World Cup (RWC), a poll suggests.

An online poll conducted by UMR Research has found 35 per cent of 850 New Zealanders surveyed were not looking forward to the RWC, compared with 37 per cent who said they were looking forward to it, and 29 per cent who were neutral.

Forty one percent believed the RWC would be disruptive for many New Zealanders.

Of those who were interested in rugby, 62 per cent said they were looking forward to the tournament, while 8 per cent who were not interested in rugby were looking forward to it.


After games were moved away from Christchurch support for the RWC slumped - just 16 per cent of Cantabrians were looking forward to the RWC.

Forty per cent expected developments to be ready on time, while 51 per cent thought the RWC would be good for the local economy.

The survey was conducted between June 29 and July 20.