It was a heart-warming moment: Christchurch's worst affected residents flocking to collect free heaters unloaded off the back of a truck.

In a blaze of publicity, Harvey Norman gave away more than 1000 Celsius panel heaters over three mornings last week. More FM called out to its listeners and TV3's Campbell Live was there to capture it all.

There were mothers with no heating; children with cystic fibrosis; people in tears of happiness.

But just as quickly as the heaters had been taken home, one turned up on Trade Me.


The listing, by a Woolston-based member called "Flowerfamily", read: "Won as prize and not needed. Hasn't been used at all."

More FM's Christchurch promotions manager Margaret White conceded, "It's disappointing, but if they sell the heater and buy something they really need, that's okay with us. Everyone has been through such a tough time down here."