Keen to mingle with French fans - or avoid the English - during the Rugby World Cup? A new program will let you track which country's fans are at which pub and check their photos.

The technology, also being developed for smartphones, tablets and computers, will be made free to download next month by Heineken.

"We're pretty excited about it, and what you can do - it's a new level of interacting," said marketing manager Luke Rive.

The technology could recognise where you were to let you "check in" when entering a pub, Mr Rive said.

Others can then see lists of the people checked into each pub, with supplied photos and professed countries of allegiance.

The software can also find pubs based on the nationality of supporters who have arrived.

Other apps and games, such as Foursquare, share people's locations. But the Rugby World Cup app has been designed to co-ordinate people between the tournament's officially registered bars.

Mr Rive said there were at least 20 official Rugby World Cup bars in central Auckland, and many more around the country.

Heineken also announced yesterday a campaign for responsible drinking, which includes putting adverts on 50 Auckland taxis.

Tournament boss Martin Snedden called on fans to create a safe and enjoyable environment.

"We encourage all fans to enjoy the tournament in a responsible way, ensuring that everyone gets home safely and is left with nothing but positive memories of their Rugby World Cup 2011 experience," Mr Snedden said.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown supported the campaign.

"This event will showcase Auckland to the world, and we want visitors and Aucklanders alike to safely enjoy all the events Auckland has to offer during Rugby World Cup."