On Monday, police ' />

People with cars trapped in the two areas of Christchurch's CBD will have a chance to have their vehicles retrieved this week.

On Monday, police would be clearing the Pavilion carpark, between Cashel St and Bedford Row.

On Tuesday, police would attempt remove the remaining vehicles from the Manchester St carpark, on the corner of Gloucester St.

Car owners should assemble on the corner of Barbadoes Street and Moorhouse Avenue at 5pm on either day.

They would need to take their keys, ID and proof of ownership. Owners should also register their vehicles at www.police.govt.nz.

Police said extra safety precautions would be in place to facilitate the cars' recovery from the red zone areas.

Owners should use this window of opportunity as it could be some time in future before another attempt to retrieve their vehicle could be made.

Police asked for owners to be patient and said they should also note the following:

- No one would be allowed into the cordon area to retrieve their own vehicle for safety reasons.

- Anyone collecting on behalf of the owner should bring a letter of authorisation.

- People should be dropped off as there was no parking.

- Just one person per vehicle as space was limited.

- Owners should consider bringing a chair and a book as the process would take some time.

- Shelter and toilet would be provided.