Police have today have released 15 more names of victims of last month's Christchurch earthquake.

They are:

* Linda Isobel Arnold, 57 of Christchurch

* Dr Dominic Joseph Gerard Bell, 45 of Christchurch

* Ian Neville Caldwell, 47 of Christchurch

* Donald Ashby Cowey, 82 of Christchurch

* Maureen Valerie Fletcher, 75 of Christchurch

* Wai Fong Lau, 87 of Christchurch

* Catherine McNicol Lunney, 62 of Christchurch

* Owen Thomas McKenna, 40 of Christchurch

* Ofer Binyamin Mizrahi, 22 of Israel

* Joseph Stuart Routledge (known as Stuart), 74 of Christchurch

* Lucy Routledge, 74 of Christchurch

* Christopher Patrick Smith, 48 of Selwyn

* Gregory James Tobin, 25 of Christchurch

* Shane Robert Tomlin, 42 of Christchurch

* Lisa Patricia Willems, 43 of Christchurch

The total number of people named has now reached 41.

The toll from the deadly 6.3 magnitude quake that hit on February 22 is 166, but police fear the final figure may top 200.

Schools set to open

Meanwhile any schools in quake-hit Christchurch will be up and running by the end of next week, Education Minister Anne Tolley says.

She said 31 schools indicated they would be open for students from tomorrow or over the next few days.

A further 55 schools were structurally sound and could open for staff immediately, with opening dates for students expected soon.

"I'm confident that most schools will be up and running by the end of the week, as we do all we can to get students back into learning," Mrs Tolley said.

She urged parents to contact their school and check the Education Ministry website for updates.

Thirty-four other schools were working on getting back; four had structural damage in buildings but those could be isolated to allow students back on site soon. At least six schools have substantial damage and won't be able to open on their own site in the near future, but arrangements are being made for students.

"I'm pleased to announce that interim plans are in place for a further 2200 students at three of these schools," Mrs Tolley said.

"Shirley Boys' High will now share the site at Papanui High, St Paul's Dallington and St Mary's will go to Champion Street and Catholic Cathedral College will share with St Thomas's.

"The flexibility being shown by all of the schools involved is extremely encouraging, as we try to give certainty for students and parents as soon as we possibly can."

The ministry website had information for parents to help children learn at home.