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A father is worried Auckland police covered for a colleague who breached the force's computer system to lift information about him.

The man - who the Herald on Sunday has agreed not to name to protect his son's identity - alleges police lost complaints, mislaid reports, and brushed aside his concerns about Senior Constable Terry Beatson.

Beatson is married to the man's ex-wife and there was a custody battle, which has been resolved.

The man is concerned reports that Beatson accessed his file 17 times in four years might make people think him a dubious character. Beatson has been disciplined.

"I have no record with police and never have had," he said. "Everybody in New Zealand with a driver's licence has a file in the NIA."

The man's troubles began several years ago when he asked police to step in because of issues with his former wife .

"As soon as they found out that he was a police officer, they were more interested in whether my dog was registered, than my access."

He alleges police declined requests for a copy of the information Beatson accessed.