A woman who lost control of her car and killed three cyclists in the Waikato says she hates herself for what happened and doubts she will ever drive again.

A shattered Kristy King clutched a handkerchief to her face as she pleaded guilty in the Morrinsville District Court yesterday to three charges of careless driving causing death.

The 23-year-old later said in a prepared statement issued by her lawyer that words could not describe how sorry she was for her part in the November 14 accident, which killed Wilhelm Alois Muller, Mark Andrew Ferguson and Kay Wolfe, who died four days later in Waikato Hospital.

The court heard King was driving to work towards Hamilton in her Mazda Familia when she failed to take a moderate right hand bend about 12km south of Morrinsville.

The cyclists, who police said took pride in their safety measures and were riding single file in a group of 10, tried to take evasive action as King's car slid about 36 metres across the road into their path.

In the statement read by lawyer Paul Gascoigne to the victims' families at the court, King said she took full responsibility for what happened and she and her family were "completely devastated".

Outside court, Gavin Wolfe, son of Mrs Wolfe, said he was touched by King's statement and he and his father would like to meet her.

He sympathised with King, saying she was "not really any kind of monster" who had deliberately tried to hurt anyone.

"One of my first reactions was 'wow I could have done that myself', the way I drive sometimes, it kind of opened my eyes," he said.

"She's not as evil as shoplifters but it's that the consequences of her crime are just so bad," he said.

Mr Wolfe, who was also part of the cycling group, said he was lucky not to have been hit as the car slid past him.

He spoke to King at the scene, moments after the crash.

"I saw what kind of a mess she was in ... it was a genuine reaction of someone who is incredibly sorry and didn't mean to do it."

King, accompanied by several family members, many of whom were also in tears, was rushed away after her appearance.

Mrs Wolfe's husband, Roger, said his wife's death was starting to hit home.

"It leaves a big hole in our family," he said.

"It's very hard at this time of year with all the prizegivings and lots of things to do as a family."

Community magistrate Kathryn Wilson remanded King on bail to reappear on February 14 for sentencing.

Kristy's words

Words cannot describe how sorry I am as a result of the unfortunate events of November 14.

I take full responsibility for what happened and both I and my family are completely devastated.

While I cannot imagine what you, the families, are going through I offer my heartfelt condolences and would like to help in any way possible to ease your pain. If I could take it all away I would in a heartbeat. I have still not come to terms with what has happened on that day and am very sorry for all the pain and suffering I have just caused.

I don't think I will ever drive again. I hope that I will meet with you - the families of Willie, Mark and Kaye - in the days ahead but will completely understand if you would prefer this didn't happen. I hate myself for my part in this tragedy but I can only say I am immensely sorry.