I would like to see the graphics of the two big proposed transport projects: the Puhoi-Wellsford highway and the CBD railway line. I understand the highway has been announced but have not seen a map of the route. And although there are 2D displays of the inner-city railway loop from Britomart to Mt Eden, I have not seen the vertical aspect. A tunnel is mentioned but surely the line would have to cross SH1 at Spaghetti Junction, above the motorway? Could you show visuals of both or point to a web link that does?
John Paynter, Auckland.

I'm happy to help. The graphic of the Puhoi-Wellsford highway is an indicative route only.

It could still change as environmental and engineering imperatives change. You can find out more about the project at



The CBD underground rail route is the preferred option at this stage. It is a tunnel for its entire length of 3.5km, and will be deep enough to protect existing structures, including building foundations and motorway underpinnings. I do not have a 3D image, I'm afraid, but you can read more about it at

and go to the CBD rail link.

Both of these projects have received extensive coverage in the Herald, most recently last month.

Why do both green lights come on together on motorway onramps? If the lights alternated, some of the dangerous racing starts might be eliminated and flow to the motorway would be smoother and safer. What am I missing?
Brian Chippindale, Silverdale.

The Transport Agency tells me that in the United States and some European countries, green lights do operate alternately in each lane. To introduce that system here would require a law change, apparently, although why that would be a deterrent when other legislation can be rushed through is unclear.

Another option, of staggering the onramp stopline so vehicles did not drive off together, was trialled here but had no benefit in terms of a smoother flow of traffic joining the motorway.

I regularly cycle along Cavendish Drive in Manukau in the afternoons, and I wonder - is it legal for cars to stop in the cycle lane when waiting to turn left? The same question applies to cars emerging from driveways - can they stop across the cycle lane while waiting for a gap in stationary traffic?
Phil Christopherson, Pakuranga.

Cars may turn across a cycle lane to get to their destination, but they may not linger there. Use of special vehicle lanes must be kept to a minimum by other vehicles. If a driver needs to wait to turn left or right, he or she must wait outside the cycle lane. While crossing a cycle or other special vehicle lane, motorists must give way to traffic entitled to use the lane.