Controversial broadcaster Iain Stables is expected to get the chop from Radio Hauraki this week over his dust-up with a Jetstar check-in assistant.

The high-profile shock jock was stood down over the fracas at Auckland Airport last month in which he suffered concussion and broken ribs and was taken to hospital.

Check-in assistant Patrick Ulberg, 27, has been charged with assaulting Stables.

But the Herald on Sunday has learned there is a clause in Stables' contract providing for it to be terminated if he gets involved in court action.

Stables confirmed he had engaged a lawyer. He is furious over being stood down.

"I am the victim here," he said. "I was the one beaten up. I am the one that has ended up with nothing. Everything has turned to s*** for me, to be honest."

Ulberg, 27, has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Stables. A scuffle broke out when Stables missed a flight to Wellington last month and called Jetstar a "loser airline".

And, in a new twist, Ulberg claims Stables racially abused him, which Stables denies.

"I said his airline was a f***ing loser and I called him a f***ing loser," said Stables.

Stables said he had been involved in Polynesian radio stations in recent months, "so how could I be called racist?"

Ulberg told the Herald on Sunday he got upset when Stables got angry but that his lawyer had told him not to say anything. He would not elaborate on specifics about the alleged racial remark.

Stables said not being able to go on air was unfair. It is believed he is no longer being paid.

"I think this whole thing has been a smear campaign to discredit me [and] make Jetstar look OK and that's all it is. I think it's all about trying to destroy me."

Radio Hauraki owner The Radio Network did not return calls.