Aptly named Justice the trainee guide dog will soon be the eyes for a person who cannot see.

Justice has been sponsored by the proceeds of an $8000 settlement after a 2 year battle between Laura Eitjes, of Tauranga, who is blind, and two motel owners who said her guide dog had to stay out in the cold.

"I'm pleased the point's been made, but saddened it had to come to a big fight. I hope this will make a difference to other people with guide dogs because I don't know if others would stand up the way I did."

Eitjes took a complaint to the Human Rights Commission in 2008 after she was told her guide dog Rua couldn't go inside.

It was the first time the commission was asked to hear such a case.

After failed attempts at mediation, a date for a hearing was set. But two weeks before it was due to go ahead, the dispute was resolved with the $8000.

Eitjes donated $5000 to sponsor Justice.