I came across a beautiful large bronze sculpture of a tui on a branch recently. It stands on the corner of Kitchener and Wellesley Sts, but I was unable to find anything to say who the artist is. Could you find out please? Juliet Batten, Herne Bay.

It's a woodpigeon. The name of the sculpture is

Woodpigeon on a Circle

, it's made of cast bronze, and stands almost 2.5m high. The artist is Paul Dibble, and more of his work is on display at the Gow Langsford Gallery in Lorne St until October 30. The gallery put the woodpigeon on the corner to advertise the exhibition.


Further to your article on right of way for traffic on driveways, I wonder if you could clarify what constitutes a driveway as denoted by the Road Code. What about entry/exits for supermarkets, carparks etc? Tony Carter, Hibiscus Coast.

The Road Code states that give-way rules, and right of way, apply at intersections, where two or more roads or streets cross or join, and to where a public entrance or exit joins a street or road. Intersections include entrances and exits to and from supermarkets, petrol stations and other public parking areas such as airports and hospitals.


Thanks to those people who emailed with stories about the Ghost of Vaile. Although there are variations between stories, several matters are consistent.

The Vaile Building was a large two-storeyed wooden house on the northeast corner of Symonds St and Grafton Rd, and was used by geology students during the 1960s and 70s. This is now the location of the Arts Commerce building.

It is generally agreed that the ghost is a young woman. One report called the ghost a poltergeist, the spirit of a young girl who killed herself rather than face a fate worse than death, which is somewhat ironic.

Another correspondent mentions a murder, again of a young woman, and footsteps late at night. All reports concede that the ghost is benign.

Seances have been held to try to contact the ghost, reportedly to little effect.


Some train services will not be available over Labour weekend, while work continues on preparing the rail network for electrification. Bus replacements will be in operation from Saturday until Monday on:


The western line between Britomart and Newmarket.


The southern line from Britomart to Newmarket, and from Otahuhu to Papakura.


The Onehunga line from Britomart to Newmarket.


The eastern line from Britomart to Papakura, via Glen Innes and Sylvia Park.

Where services are not available, there will be a RAIL BUS sign at affected stations, and train fares will still apply on the replacement bus services. People who have free train tickets with event tickets such as games at Eden Park, will still get free travel on replacement buses.