The group, led by veteran protester John Minto,' />

Up to 50 people gathered outside TVNZ's central Auckland office to call for Paul Henry's sacking.

The group, led by veteran protester John Minto, waved banners as they protested for more than an hour.

Student Eli Dee said she was sick of Henry's offensive comments on the state-owned broadcaster.

"It's not okay for people in a position of power and influence ... to be racist. We don't want New Zealand to be a racist country," said the 19-year-old.

Some of the protesters carried banners. One read: "Sack this racist bigot."

Graffiti scrawled in multiple chalk colours on the wall of the TVNZ building read: "Sack Henry."

Mr Minto, spokesman for Global Peace and Justice Auckland, described Henry as a "boil on the backside of New Zealand".

"He's giving legitimacy to bigotry and racism," he said.