The convicted Waiouru medals thief sentenced to six years in prison today had links to Joseph Reekers, the killer of hairdresser Marie Jamieson.

One News reported that James Kapa had secret knowledge of the murder through a friend and was told where Reekers had dumped Ms Jamieson's body.

Kapa reportedly gave legal advice to Reekers shortly before his arrest in 2008.

Kapa, who has a string of convictions to his name, was sentenced in the Auckland District Court today for stealing 96 war medals from Waiouru Army Museum in December 2007.

"Many have described him as very much a bush lawyer. I knew that he was somehow involved (with Reekers) and he'd provided some advice," Detective Inspector Chris Bensemann told One News.

As well as knowing the whereabouts of Ms Jamieson's body, police say Kapa was told Reekers had been high on drugs at the time of the murder.

The search for Marie Jamieson's killer took police seven years and Reekers was only caught after his DNA was gathered following a theft of salami.

- NZ Herald staff