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The rumour mill is running hot over reports that Brad Pitt is in New Zealand, but the Wellington restaurant where he reportedly ate is unsure if it hosted the Hollywood superstar.

An internet report carried the rumour that Pitt dined with New Zealand film director Sir Peter Jackson last night at Indian restaurant Tulsi in Miramar.

Mukesh Bartwal was managing at the restaurant last night, and said it was only after a man wearing a cap left the restaurant with two or three other diners that another customer told him it was Pitt.

Mr Bartwal said he and the other staff, not being followers of Hollywood movies, would not have instantly recognised Pitt.

The person thought to be Pitt came in to dine with his companions about 6.30pm - on a very quiet night in the restaurant - and garlic
naans, chicken tikka and butter chicken were among items ordered at the table.

Mr Bartwal said he would recognise Sir Peter, and did not see him at the restaurant.

Pitt's representatives in the United States could not be reached for
comment today. Wingnut Films, which speaks for Sir Peter, refused to comment on the report that he met with Pitt in New Zealand.