A Hamilton man and woman have been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine after a P lab was discovered while police were searching a property for stolen items yesterday.

Officers went to the address shortly before lunch to search for stolen items and found several P pipes and a number of empty small plastic bags that appeared to have contained methamphetamine in a bedroom.

"We became concerned we were dealing with a bit more than drug paraphernalia when chemicals were discovered resulting in a call for an Auckland-based clandestine laboratory team to attend the scene," Detective Sergeant Paul Thompson of the Hamilton Law Enforcement Team said.

A man and woman arrested at the address were due to appear in Hamilton District Court today.

Mr Thompson said the discovery reinforced that dishonesty offending can be inextricably linked to drug trade.

"These people can be carrying out their activities anywhere, from a quiet suburban street to an isolated rural property, nowhere is safe," he said.