Supervision and community work was imposed on a Christchurch man who tried to get his partner locked up by forcing her to punch him in the face during a domestic dispute.

The woman foiled the plan by putting her own hand in the way to protect his face as he continued to punch himself while holding onto her hand.

Jordan Robert Leo Cairns, 19, was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court yesterday to 15 months intensive supervision, 140 hours community work, and six months' driving disqualification, after admitting charges of assaulting a woman and drink-driving.

Defence counsel Richard Maze said the assault had been an extreme over-reaction to a sensitive issue, Christchurch Court News website reported.

Cairns held his partner's hand as he repeatedly made her punch him in the head, telling her he would get her locked up for assault.

He then grabbed her by the throat and strangled her until she dropped the car keys.

When she tried to stop him leaving, he kneed her in the abdomen three times.

After he drove away from their Bryndwr address, he was picked up for drink-driving.

Mr Maze said the pre-sentence report was favourable, the couple were back together, Cairns had done a Stopping Violence programme and had had drug and alcohol counselling.

Cairns was genuinely remorseful, and he had reacted in an immature way.

Judge Callaghan said it was a nasty assault, and it raised warning signs when a man started to strangle a woman.

He noted that Cairns had done some work on his problems and told him if it happened again he would be locked up.