Hamilton police were amazed when they watched a driver swap places with his passenger while police were attempting to pull him over during a routine stop this morning.

The bizarre switch took place in busy commuter traffic and with a lot of school children in the vicinity, Sergeant Phil Ruddell of the Hamilton Strategic Traffic Unit said.

"The incident happened this morning on Ohaupo Rd near the Melville Primary School. One of the most concerning elements of what occurred is that in the process of swapping seats the moving car narrowly missed a parked vehicle, which young children were walking past on their way to school," Mr Ruddell said.

"When the driver transfer was completed the now female driver has pulled over and the male `passenger' has got out of the car with the intent of walking away from the scene."

When the man was stopped by an officer, he initially gave false details before his true identity was established.

"Both the man and the woman were arrested on existing warrants," Mr Ruddell said.

"In addition the man has been charged with reckless driving, driving while disqualified and giving false details while the woman has been charged with aiding and abetting reckless driving. They will be appearing in the Hamilton District Court on a yet to be determined date."