Two men who allegedly shot 33 dogs on a rural property near Wellsford, north of Auckland, have each been charged with 14 animal cruelty offences by the SPCA.

Auckland SPCA chief executive Garth Halliday said charges had been laid against Russell Mendoza and Tony Campbell under the Animal Welfare Act, but he would not go into details while the matter was before the court.

The men could face up to three years' jail if the charges were proven.

It has not been made clear when they would appear in Warkworth District Court.

The SPCA previously said seven of the dogs died a slow and painful death when they were shot following a row between owner Rowan Hargreaves, and his neighbour Mendoza, who said the dogs killed his pet dog.

Mr Hargreaves said he agreed to have his 10 adult dogs put down. But he said he did not agree to 23 puppies also being killed nor did he approve of the way in which they were killed. He and friend Richard Hawkings said the dogs were indiscriminately gunned down.

Police said some were maimed first in the "bloody, rifle-killing frenzy" before being "finished off".

SPCA inspectors visited the property after the killings.

"When I arrived at the property, I was confronted with a scene not unlike a massacre," inspector Sacha Keltie said after the inspection.

"It was a haunting scene of death and destruction, and I struggle to comprehend what took place there," she said.

Auckland SPCA has now completed its investigation.