A Queenstown base jumper has fallen 30 metres down a cliff, breaking his leg and ankle.

Chris Judice jumped off the Pipeline Bungy Bridge this morning, where his parachute opened successfully. But the 40 year-old crashed into the rock face of Skippers Canyon.

Acting Sergeant Terry Wood says it is a 102 metre drop from the bridge to the riverbed below and it is estimated Mr Judice fell 30 metres.

"His shoot obviously collapsed and he slid down the face. He landed in the river in about 30 centimetres of water. He's dragged himself out of there and his friend's come down to give him some assistance."

Mr Judice was flown to Invercargill Hospital, where he is now in a stable condition.

Bungy New Zealand chief executive Michelle Trapski says the Pipeline site is owned by AJ Hackett Bungy and has been non-operational for more than five years. She says it is padlocked and marked with No Unauthorised Access signs.

Ms Trapski says there was no prior contact with the two base jumpers, who went to the site at about 6.30am.

She says NZ Bungy has made it clear to members of the base jumping community that they need prior permission to access the private land - which is not given without evidence of a robust safety plan.