A woman teacher, who had a baby with one of her 17-year-old students, has managed to hang on to her registration.

The teacher tried to stop the incident going public to protect her now two-year-old child, but it came to light this week when the disciplinary tribunal of the Teachers Council released a copy of its decision.

The tribunal decided against stripping the teacher of her registration but has, instead, indefinitely suspended her practising certificate, the Sunday Star Times reported.

Before she is allowed back into the classroom, the teacher must show she has addressed ethical and professional issues around power relationships between teachers and students.

The teenager and then 26-year-old teacher "bonded" when putting the school yearbook together and had sex only once after classes for the year had finished but while the student was still technically enrolled.

She continued to work at the school while pregnant the following year, before taking parental leave. The student had already left the school.

Shortly after the baby was born, in late 2007, she explained the situation to the acting principal and resigned.

"She described the consensual nature of the relationship and how both families were supportive," the decision said.

The tribunal's report did not make it clear whether the pair were still romantically involved, saying only that they "maintain a relationship as a result of their joint parenting of the child".

The school was required by law to report the teacher to the Teachers Council, which suspended her practising certificate, censured her and ordered her pay $1000 costs.

The teacher said she regretted her behaviour which "weighed heavily on her mind".

She is living with her parents on the domestic purposes benefit.