The manager of a tattoo parlour says his business may have to close after a police patrol car was driven through his front window this morning.

No one was injured in the accident which caused thousands of dollars of damage to the Te Atatu Peninsula shop in west Auckland.

Pierre Bullot said the police officer "floored it, I don't know why or how".

He said he has lost couches, a television, computers, carvings and tattoo equipment.

"They took the car out and just left us with a destroyed business," Mr Bullot said.

He said he will lose a week's income and may have to shut up shop because he does not have insurance.

Mr Bullot said the police have said he can replace equipment and send them the receipts but there is no guarantee that they will pay.

He said the police officer's actions were dangerous with school children walking past the shop at 8am when the accident happened.

Mr Bullot said the situation was made worse this afternoon by officers driving past in patrol cars and laughing at the damage.

Police spokesman Kevin Loughlin said an officer was getting out of the vehicle and pressed his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.

He said the vehicle was still running but the officer had applied the hand-brake.

"Nobody was injured but the police car was damaged," Mr Loughlin said.

Asked if charges would be laid, Mr Loughlin said there was an internal police enquiry underway.