A motorist stopped in a West Auckland drink driving blitz this weekend was so drunk she had to be taken to hospital, police say.

Senior Sergeant Regan James said the woman had to be taken to hospital by ambulance due to her intoxication level. She has been charged with driving whilst incapable.

The woman was one of 95 people stopped in the blitz who were measured as driving with excess breath alcohol. Mr James said 24 of these elected to have blood tests taken to determine whether they will be charged.

Nine checkpoints were set up as part of the blitz, which ran from 8pm on Friday to 4am today.

Mr James said 27 drivers had their licenses suspended due to the high alcohol levels, and another 10 persons were arrested for a variety of offences including warrants, driving and drug offences.

"Drink driving is a serious offence and we can all make a difference to eliminate the sorrow that is caused from alcohol related injury crashes," Mr James said.