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Tony Veitch's former girlfriend Kristin Dunne-Powell, who has accused the sports broadcaster of assaulting her, is heading overseas.

Marketing specialist Ms Dunne-Powell has stood down from her high-paying role at internet service provider Woosh as she prepares to move overseas, the company has revealed.

She is expected to move after Veitch's depositions hearing, starting on April 20 in Auckland District Court.

He has denied six counts of assaulting Ms Dunne-Powell and one of injuring her with reckless disregard, between 2002 and 2006.

Sources close to Ms Dunne-Powell told the Sunday Star Times she had been discussing shifting to Wales, the birthplace of her husband Morgan Powell.

If it was found at depositions Veitch had a case to answer, Ms Dunne-Powell would return for any subsequent trial.

Woosh chairman Rod Inglis confirmed on Friday Ms Dunne-Powell "was ready to move on".

"Kristin resigned, she mentioned that she was planning to move overseas."

Mr Inglis said it became "very hard" for Ms Dunne-Powell, who had been promoted to chief operating officer a year ago, to continue in her role and the company wished her "all the best".

Ms Dunne-Powell's spokesman, Alan McDonald, said he had "nothing to say" about her plans to move overseas.