Key Points:

Eleven New Zealanders are unaccounted for in India but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) says there are no fears for their safety.

MFAT had received enquiries regarding 191 New Zealanders in India in the wake of gunfire and explosions rocking a luxury Mumbai hotel early on Saturday.

Three days of attacks by Islamist militants in India's financial capital that have killed at least 144 people.

One-hundred-and-eighty of the 191 New Zealanders have been confirmed as safe and well and the ministry was making enquiries about the other 11, an MFAT spokesman said.

However, not all the 11 were necessarily in Mumbai.

"At this stage we have no reason to be concerned about any of the 11," he said.

There have been no reports of New Zealand casualties.

Three New Zealanders were known to be safe after being trapped in their Mumbai hotels by Islamist militants. The siege at two hotels and a Jewish centre in the city continues amid gunfire and more deaths.

New Zealanders Vinka and David Clemmett and Stuart Cameron managed to escape their hotels.

MFAT said two consular officials from the New Zealand High Commission were now in Mumbai and are assisting New Zealanders there.

New Zealanders in Mumbai were encouraged to contact the New Zealand High Commission in New Delhi.

And any New Zealanders currently in India were encouraged to make contact with friends and family in New Zealand to allay any concerns.

The Ministry's latest travel advice for India can be seen at its website.

New Zealanders in India or intending to travel there should register on Those New Zealanders registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will be sent a message should the situation deteriorate.

New Zealanders concerned about close relatives or friends in Mumbai or elsewhere in India can phone the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Ph +64 4 439 8000) or email

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok says it knows of around 150 New Zealanders stranded in Bangkok because of the closed airports.

"We have ongoing contact with those people and have no concerns for their safety."

The New Zealand Embassy advice for those in Bangkok is available here.