Key Points:

The Destiny Church has denied it is planning an exclusive "kingdom" in South Auckland where members would live and be protected from the outside world.

TV3 said last night that Destiny wanted to sell its headquarters in Mt Wellington and build schools, medical centres, a marae and a church that would seat 5000 on 8.1ha in Manukau.

The church had already received $2.4m in donations for the project.

TV3 said church leader Brian Tamaki was urging members to sell their houses and move to the new community.

"Every child of every member of this church will never have to go to a state school again," Bishop Tamaki was shown telling the church's annual Labour Weekend conference.

One man told TV3 his mother was planning to sell her six houses in Nelson, donate the money to the church and move to the kingdom.

But after the broadcast, Destiny spokeswoman Janine Cardno issued a statement saying there was "absolutely no intention" to build an exclusive community to house members.

She confirmed plans for new headquarters, which would run "social help" programmes.

In 2006, however, Rotorua's Daily Post quoted Bishop Tamaki as saying Destiny planned to create a "city within a city" which would help to preserve the church's DNA.

Cultwatch spokesman Mark Vrankovich warned that if people donated their life-savings to the church but later wanted to get out, they would be left with nothing.