Key Points:

A paedophile who has been banned from all Wellington City Council recreational facilities and could also be banned from all primary schools grounds after he was recently seen near Wellington schools.

Some schools in the Wellington region alerted parents to the man, who has been deported from Australia after several charges of indecently assaulting children.

A police email to schools in the Wellington area was obtained by The Dominion Post and revealed they were considering further legal action against the man.

A description of the convicted sex offender had been distributed to parents by some schools concerned he had been seen loitering near their grounds.

An email to schools by police discussed the possibility of giving photos of the man, who had been deported from Australia, to local schools and issuing trespass notices against him.

"The idea of trespassing him from all Wellington may be possible if all schools are willing to sign an agreement, and then a trespass order served on him."

The man, who has lived in Australia since 1969, was returned to New Zealand last year after he was found to have a soundproof cell in his backyard.

Queensland police said he was known to wander around neighbourhoods carrying a kitten to attract attention and to watch children with binoculars.

After the man was seen hanging around Wellington's Ngaio School late last year, a police youth education officer emailed local principals with the man's description. Some schools then decided to alert parents.

Police powers to warn the public of a paedophile in the area are carefully controlled.

In 2006, repeat child sex offender Barry Grant Brown won a $25,000 payout after a court ruled that police breached his privacy by delivering a leaflet warning residents that he had been freed.