Labour has apologised to a West Auckland family after party president Bob Harvey lowered his pants and shouted an obscenity during a public stoush with a long-time nemesis.

Mr Harvey, who is also Mayor of Waitakere, admitted his actions to the Herald after allegations raised by Titirangi resident Chris Seagar.

Mr Seagar said he was walking his dog about 7.45 one morning about a month ago when Mr Harvey parked nearby and prepared to go for a run.


The pair, who had clashed at meetings, became embroiled in an argument.

Mr Seagar said he was walking away when Mr Harvey yelled an offensive remark. He then pulled down his pants, bent over and exposed his full undercarriage.

Mr Harvey told the Herald he merely pulled down a corner of his jogging shorts, yelled "kiss that, you f ..." then gave the fingers and ran off.

"What's the big deal? I pulled down the back of my running shorts, but I did not moon [him]."

Labour Party campaign manager Mike Williams confirmed that he had telephoned the Seagars on Saturday to apologise for the incident, but refused to say more.

His call was taken by Mr Seagar's wife, Doreen, a former Waitakere councillor, who said yesterday that she could not believe the mayor's behaviour.