The short-clawed Asiatic otter escaped fro' />

Fugitive otter Jin has left Auckland's North Shore and swum another 5km northeast to Rangitoto Island.

The short-clawed Asiatic otter escaped from Auckland Zoo 11 days ago and swam across Auckland's Waitemata Harbour, where she had been spotted several times around Devonport on the North Shore.

Zoo staff had hoped Jin had settled in Devonport, where she could be easier to recapture.

But Zoo spokeswoman Jane Healy today said Jin had been spotted around Rangitoto, a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf 4km to the northeast of the entrance to Waitemata Harbour and about 5km from where she was last seen.

"She was seen on the island late this morning by a guy in a kayak," Ms Healy told NZPA today.

"The kayaker got quite close to the island so we think it's a pretty reliable sighting."

Rangitoto's shores are fairly rocky but there is a fair bit of scrub not far from the shore so survival was quite possible, she said.

A staff member from the Department of Conservation, which administers Rangitoto, was this afternoon looking for Jin.

Ms Healy warned members of the public not to try to catch Jin if they saw her but to call the zoo.

"If someone tried to catch her she will tend to run further so that is why the message is 'don't try to catch her. Let us know where she is.' It is going to be much easier."

Anyone who spots Jin should phone 09 360 3800 or 027 291 9773