A Toyota commercial in which two animated bulls hijack a farmer's ute to impress two cows and call a ram a "sheep shagger" has prompted 17 complaints to the Advertising Standards Complaints Board.

Wellington resident Donald McDonald and others complained the term "sheep shagger" was offensive and some voiced concern about the final image showing the vehicle rocking.

Mr McDonald also complained the animated scenario - which involved the ute driving through a flock of sheep before flying over a bank and landing near the cows - also raised issues of animal welfare and dangerous driving.

The authority considered whether the advertisement breached the code of ethics by failing to have a sense of social responsibility or causing serious or widespread offence.

It found the commercial was an animated fantasy which was "obviously beyond the realm of reality".

Although there were concerns it was screened at an unsuitable time when children could see it, the content was beyond the comprehension of those under 10, the authority said

A minority of the complaints board found the commercial offensive because it "sexualised" animal behaviour to sell a product; used the term "sheep shagger" in a socially unacceptable context; and showed a vehicle being stolen and driven recklessly.

However, in accordance with the majority view, the authority did not uphold the complaints.

Mr McDonald, a repeat complainer to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, has been warned the BSA would stop listening to him if he made any more "trivial" complaints.