Belle, in the technical awards section of the Tuis.' />

Kody Nielson has won best producer for his work on Bic Runga's fourth album, Belle, in the technical awards section of the Tuis.

Nielson, formerly of the Mint Chicks and now of Opossom and partner of Runga, not only produced the album but also played, sang, and co-wrote songs on it.

"The space in the drumming throughout the album, full of linear beats, is a Nielson touch, and when he blends his vocals with Runga's they have something special," is what TimeOut reviewer Lydia Jenkin said of the the pairing.

It also had more of a groove and spring in its step than her darker, more sombre previous album, Birds.


In the best engineer category, Neil Baldock, also a 2011 technical award finalist for Cairo Knife Fight's self-titled EP, won for singer-songwriter Lydia Cole's debut Me & Moon, recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios.

And best album cover went to Angela Keoghan for her illustration on Dearly Departed by Bannerman which shows a man with an arrow in his back laying his head on a coffin.

She was also a finalist last year for Bannerman's previous album The Dusty Dream Hole.

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