The adventures of Mr Bear are continuing with Mr Bear's adventures in lockdown now permanently written into history by former primary school principal Kevin Boyce.

Magical moments with Mr Bear has been written by Kevin who passed by Mr Bear on his daily lockdown walks with his dog Flossie.

Appearing in the front section of a Hillcrest Rd, Raumati Beach property, Mr Bear was created by Helen Nash with help from her husband Hamish and three children Caleb, 20, Caitlin, 18, and Rebecca, 12.

The teddy bear appeared in a number of outfits, doing a variety of activities including building work, ironing, tennis, teaching, flying a kite, fishing, riding a bike and many more.

Magical Moments with Mr Bear by Kevin Boyce.
Magical Moments with Mr Bear by Kevin Boyce.

"There's history here in kids' language," Kevin said of the book.

"It's a memento that in a year's time you can read to your kid, and say 'look what we did in lockdown'.

"It's a record of a local adventure that made a good story."

Being a primary school teacher and principal for years, Kevin knows what makes a good story for children.

He also knows how to entertain 100 children during a school assembly.

Writing a song to go with the book, Kevin debuted the song at Paraparaumu Primary School last week, entertaining 100 children with Mr Bear's adventures.

"It's about making the adventures of Mr Bear into a bit of delights for kids.

"It just made a good story and song."


Copies include a book and CD with an accompanying song and are being given to local schools, Starship Hospital and the children's ward at Wellington Hospital.

They are also available for $10 (to cover costs) from Kevin at boyce.kevinr@gmail.com.